• Human Portrait Oil Painting

    Making magic through a brush

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Stories Woven like Galaxies onto Canvas

Available Original Paintings

Creativity takes courage

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" If you are an art enthusiast like me who appreciates colour and vibrancy, I encourage you to check out Melissa’s artwork. Her use of colour is fresh and invigorating, and her talent is boundless. I feel fortunate to have met Melissa and I feel very grateful to own her beautiful pieces of artwork, all of which provide me with immense joy on a daily basis. Thank you, Melissa, for your incredible talent! "


" Melissa provides an excellent artwork service for everyone who contacts her! She is kind, caring, and genuinely wants the best end result for all parties involved :) She goes above and beyond for her customers needs, and of course her skills are top notch.

Overall, an amazing experience and highly recommended :) "